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Not a professional singer but loves to sing.
Not a professional dancer but loves to dance.
Not a professional actor but loves to act.

I could be your best friend but I could also be your worst enemy.

"Uy, wag mo na kong ifollow kung bigla mo rin akong iiwan dahil lang di kita nasundan.
Ayoko kasi masaktan :)"

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Mythology and Folklore

Subject nila Charinna to sa DLSU. Sobrang nakakatuwa talaga kapag kinekwento niya sakin yung mga pinag-aaralan nila doon. The knowledge you get will somehow test your faith. Ito yung mga gusto kong subukan eh. So may kinwento siya sakin about a girl in Jewish Folklore named Lilith.

Would you believe if I telll you that Eve is not the first wife of Adam?

According to the Jewish Folklore, The first wife of Adam is a woman named Lilith.

So what happened to her?

She was banished out of the Garden of Eden because she refused to have sex with Adam using the "Missionary Position" (Man on top). It clearly means that she doesn’t want Adam to be dominant during sex.

When she was cast out of the Garden of Eden, she was made into a demon figure.  This then led to the creation of Eve who was fashioned from Adam’s rib to ensure her loyalty to her man. 

I don’t know why. I just find this story very very interesting. I didn’t ask you to believe. I just want to share and bring the curiosity out of you. 


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