Agent Code Blue
20 | DLSU Student | Future Educator

Friendly ako kung friendly ka. Pero kung hindi ka friendly, issue mo na yan.

Ambivert | Weird | Imaginative | Sensitive

Not a professional singer but loves to sing.
Not a professional dancer but loves to dance.
Not a professional actor but loves to act.

I could be your best friend but I could also be your worst enemy.

"Uy, wag mo na kong ifollow kung bigla mo rin akong iiwan dahil lang di kita nasundan.
Ayoko kasi masaktan :)"

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Exactly 1 year ago, I was in a hospital bed, speechless,useless, and drugged with enormous amounts of painkillers. All I could do is make signs from 1-10 stating how much pain I was feeling. It was such a very long journey and I am happy to say that I survived the hardest experience in my life yet. The only remaining memory is this battle scar I call Ace. This long vertical scar on my chest signifies all the hardships that I faced during that entire critical period. It is a symbol of courage I can always be proud of.

Happy 1st Anniversary to me! :))

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